About H&D Fashion Floors

- Offer a variety of practical and effective designs
- A top-quality job from start to finish
- Kind and courteous service
- Customer satisfaction is our first priority
- Highest level of customer service

Our goal is to deliver the best quality service in a quick & efficient time frame. At H&D Fashion Floors we provide quality service & customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our workmanship is guaranteed & our staffs are friendly, professional & efficient and will work to ensure you return to a clean, happy & relaxing home.

About Us:

Our experienced and innovative staff will work with you on your project from conception to completion. We can install top quality floating floors or timber decking in any area of your home or business. Trust our experienced team to provide reliable and efficient service.

You get a quality job first time that will last. We supply, install and maintain a range of floor coverings. We also provide specialist advice on floor finishes and maintenance.

Our Services:

With an extensive range of flooring options on display, we are here to help you make the right choice.

We offer a wide range of services to our customers, some of our services include:

- Advice
- Cleaning
- Finishing
- Installation
- Maintenance
- Polishing
- Renovations
- Resurfacing
- Sanding
- Staining
- Tinting


H&D Fashion Floors are a dedicated local team who are experts in the flooring business. At H&D Fashion Floors we deliver exceptional service and quality workmanship at a very reasonable and affordable price.

We pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship, ensuring that every one of our jobs is carried out with top quality.

Our Feature Includes:

- Lime Finish
- Non-Toxic
- Quick Drying
- Satin
- Stain & Many More